www.Dudeiwantthat.com: quintessential man’s man website just a collection of strange awesome crap we don’t need but all want. Double barrel pistol, Zombie apocalypse bedding, A Dark Knight motorcycle suit, working Nintendo controller coffee table, world’s strongest coffee and a device that can turn your iPhone into a stun gun are just a few of the beauties that can be found for sale here.

www.Tshirthell.com: A website with a t-shirt’s that will offend everyone. They even sell baby’s clothes, race, religion and politics are all made fun of here….never bought anything myself but about one a month I check it out for a good laugh.

www.sportsmanguide.com: Great man site, tons of stuff we all want. Military surplus, camping gear, ammo, boots and socks can all be found there.

www.Bleacherreport.com: SI and Espn are what everyone knows but this site gives unbiased sport stories with a different perspective. They don’t have ABC (ESPN) or CNN (SI) backing them so they don’t receive the notoriety but they make up for it in great content.

If you have any good ones let me know!



Hey Under Armour guy do you know how much douche you are? We all know someone who falls for this gimmick, hell it might be you. Let me explain the last time you went to the…….. (Gym, basketball court, track, football field, hell even the damn movies) fill in the blank to whatever applies. Any way I digress you go somewhere and there he is. Some guy in matching head to toe workout clothes, if what you are doing is exercise related his shit is probably somewhere in the Smedium size. I don’t really know what his mind set behind this get up is but let’s be clear. IF YOU ARE FAT, REALLY TIGHT STRETCHY SHIRTS DON’T MAKE YOU LOOK BUFF, YOU LOOK STUPID. You might also notice the fact that he is really not working out, he is the guy who does one set of bench every 15 minutes and somehow this bromo only benches when all of the other benches are taken. He also tends to stare in the mirror and awkwardly flex. Also he tends to pass out some unsolicited completely made up “tips” it usually starts with BRO! You have got to use bad form on the last 3 of each set, that’s what gives you girth. Ok first don’t call me bro I don’t know you second your bad form is why you still suck and don’t ever notice my girth! Also his hair always seems to be club ready. He may or may not have a head band with matching wrist bands.

Hey Tap Out/ Affliction guy you also are a real bag o’ douche. Look you don’t fight in the UFC and the fact that you tend to wear bedazzled jeans and or belt buckle with a way to tight undershirt makes you a baby man. You don’t look tough you look like an idiot. This guy leans the name of one move in MMA like arm bar and just screams it at the T.V. during every UFC event. I don’t know why you do this; I think you are trying to prove either to yourself or your horse girlfriend that you actually know what you are talking about. The fact that you wear some ugly chick like sunglasses only proves that you walked into some store that 12 year old kids shop at like Buckle saw some dumbass looking manikin and said here 200 bucks just give me at what that thing is wearing in about 2 sizes too small……

Man Up


The summer of 1998 was the best and worst thing that ever happened to baseball. It brought about a revival that the sport was badly in need of; unfortunately it was all thanks to steroids. I remember watching Sports Center when then steroids scandal broke I turned on sports center and the anchor who was on at the time made the comment that the P.E.D. scandal was the worst thing to happen to the integrity of the game. Comparing the impact of the scandal to the 1919 White Sox scandal (for those of you in dark, they threw the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds). I laughed out loud at this notion, ok I’ll give that it was bad but what really hurts the “integrity” of the game more the fact that truly skilled players turned to a chemical to help prolong their careers or the fact that two leagues that baseball consist of play by totally different rules. I am of course talking about the designated hitter rule. Again for you guys who are a baby man and aren’t with the living on this topic let me explain. There are two leagues in baseball the National League and the American League. The National League plays the game the way it was intended to be played, just like the t-ball game you played everyone who is on the lineup card for the day is required to be in the batting order. The American league changed the rules to allow a substituted player to come din who’s only job is as a hitter, in fact he might not even run the damn bases he smack the ball get on base and then be subbed in again for by a pinch runner. I make no bones about it I am not in favor of the D.H., in full discloser I am a lifelong Cubs fan and they play in the National League so I am biased. However this post isn’t about my opinion for or against the D.H. If Bud Selig (MLB Commissioner) wants to be in favor of the rule then so fricken be it. My point is the game should play by uniform rules across the league. If in fact they actually care about the integrity of the game.

Man Up MLB


Manly on a diet?

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Can you really maintain your manly credibility on a diet? I will testify to the fact that if you truly strive to eat healthy, the legitimacy of you Y chromosome will take a few shots. Don’t believe me?  Ok, next time you go out with the guys, order the fresh green salad with salmon and low fat dressing on the side with a glass of ice water……….that’s what I thought.

So how do you try to lose weight while still maintaining your masculinity? Here a few things that worked for me.

Talk up your testosterone:

First thing you have to do is make it publicly known to your friends that you care about what you put into your body. You’re going to want to address this as a performance issue; every man can get behind this. Whatever your cup of tea is:  weightlifting, running, triathlons, martial arts or vinasea yoga, let people know what your goal is and that a proper diet is pivotal to your success. This brings forth manly thoughts of determination and desire to be physical, which will strike a chord with every guy and they will get behind you.

Having a Drink:

Next comes the booze.  There is nothing wrong with ordering a light beer and water; this way you are still having a drink and hydrating to go with it. Or, volunteer to be the designated driver.  Trust me, this will make you popular. One great excuse for passing up the booze Friday or Saturday night is having a planned athletic event the next morning. For me, it’s a race because I still consider myself a runner despite everything else I do.  Not a runner?  No problem!  Tell your friends that you’re maxing out on bench in the morning; trust me, they will buy into that.

Football Sunday:

This is a problem I encounter a lot; friends invite me over to their house for a day of football or just a cook out, but they don’t follow my regiment when it comes to food. Everything bacon wrapped, extra cheese, beer, fried, ranched covered is what is served to me. First, I try to bring a dish, not just an appetizer but something that will count as real food. On top of that, I make it something that’s actually good.  There is no way you’re reaching over the extra large pizza for goat cheese salad. Try my healthy pizza recipe or make it a pasta salad and chalk it up to carbo loading. The next trick, and probably the best, is to host the party at your own house. It’s your turf, your food and so you can just provide all the crap that they want and make your own food to suit your needs. Couple that with my other techniques listed above and you maintain your man credibility.

Let me know how it goes this week!


Getting in the Swing

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Maybe it’s the fact that it is nothing more than a cannon ball with a handle, or because the Russian commando’s used them religiously, but when you swing a kettle bell you feel like one bad dude. The history and lineage of kettle bells in exercise equipment is vague, but it hast to be around the time the bow and arrow came to be. Recently there has been a mass rejuvenation in adding them to your exercise routine. Most of this comes from the popularity of Cross Fit (who uses them quite regularly) and other “Functional Fitness” routines. I love them!

I first got introduced to a kettle bell about 10 years ago, and instantly knew it was a workout I could get on board with. The most popular exercise hands-down is the snatch or a kettle bell swing. Basically you hold it with one or two hands and do a partial sumo squat and thrust your hips and raise the weight to eye height or higher and repeat. A few repetitions doesn’t really feel like much. In fact the first time I used one I did about 100 reps with only a little fatigue and put it down thinking that there wasn’t really much to these weights, but then I woke up the next morning and couldn’t get out of bed because my core was so sore. The best part is that there are about 20-30 different variations of just the snatch; you can add a shoulder press or swing with one hand and switch mid air or even flip it and catch it mid air and it’s a whole new exercise.

We all want the fix all; cure all exercise and all though I don’t think it exists. This one is pretty close though; cardio and explosive strength all with one simple weight makes a kettle bell a great piece of equipment to throw into your weekly routine. When you go to your local gym I suggest you start off light if you haven’t ever done this before. 20lbs is plenty to start off with. Now because this weight and its design is from Russia some kettle bells still use the pood which is close to the metric system so a 16 pood is 35 pounds. I just throw this in there are actually quite common and that is how Cross Fit lists them on their web site. If you have ever had a back or shoulder injury you may want to take a pass on this one, they put a lot of demand on those two particular body parts and require a lot of lifting with bending and movement (not highly recommended if you have ever thrown out your back before).

Here’s a great video demonstrating the basics of kettle bells. It’s an awesome workout if you don’t have a gym to go to, and a nice break from the ordinary. Have you guys ever used kettle bells? What do you think?


Cross Fit

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I have always defined myself as a runner, but after 8 years in the Corps I kind of feel more like a jack-of-all-trades. Weight lifting, survival swimming, martial arts, miles of hikes with gear in excess of 75lbs were just some of the things I was used to doing every week. Having the daily demands of being a firefighter and Marine, just running fails to meet my needs no matter how hard or far, and even the daily group exercises together would never be enough to meet the physical goals I set for myself. This desire for finding the hardest, fastest most strenuous exercise led me to Cross Fit.

Cross Fit is EXTREME, max effort exercise plan that has a daily routine that includes gymnastics, weight lifting, running, and pure old school exercises. You can find Cross Fit online where a new workout is posted each day. Cross Fit has many mottos, but “mess you up” is my personal favorite and probably the most accurate.

The Good: Every day the post a WOD or workout of the day. They have a huge pool of workouts and you can go months without repeating. This can be a great exercise plan IF you want hard! It is an outside the box plan that will truly challenge and push you to you limits. Most of the exercises they ask you to do they have a video demonstration and have a step-by-step breakdown for the most complicated. They are becoming so popular that there are gyms that only focus on their workouts. No doubt about it this is a Man’s workout. Sweat, blood and puke are just of the few things I have encountered while doing cross fit. It is a great option if you are not a baby man. These exercise’s defiantly fall under functional fitness. No doubt it has an old school feel to it that makes you think you are rocky in Russia training with heavy rocks and shit.

The Bad: You have to belong a gym to do all of the WOD’s.  Kettle bells, gymnast rings, box platforms and a pool are just some of the equipment required. Even with the videos, some of the exercises are more like human origami and figuring them out can be quite hard.

The Ugly: You need to already be at a level of high! Fitness to do the WOD’s they are not for the feint at heart.  Even the most fit people have a difficult time with this and I have seen personal trainers, marathon runners and other elite athletes succumb to rhabdomyolysis, a serious muscle condition which can be potentially life-threatening. And finally, if you are going to perform or try to perform exercises that you have never done injuries (and serious ones at that) can be quite likely, so be cautious when doing this workout and don’t bite off more than you can chew. So what I am trying to say baby men need not apply. Also if you are the type of guy who wears under armour clothes that are way too tight trying to mask the fact that you’re fat you will hate these workouts.


1. Above the Law: Great Segal movie, as usual he kicks some ass and that’s always helps on the man rating scale.  In this movie he plays a rouge Chicago cop (my home town) and former CIA agent who quit working for the government due to its illegal activity they tried to make him perform in Vietnam. (War also helps your man points) his former past come back to haunt his present, but this time his fist’s do the talking.  Sharron Stone plays his wife, that’s a big, big plus. Torture, shooting, explosions and head kicks are just a few of treats this movie provides for you. 2 famous hotties make an appearance Sharon Stone and Pam Grier.

2. Reservoir Dogs: Quentin Tarantino has made some great movies no doubt about it this is far and away his best work to date. Harvey Keitel, Michael Madison, Steve Buscemi and Sean Penn are just a few of the actors that star in this movie. The jest of the story is a basic jewel heist movie but the graphic violence and over all gritty feel of the movie are what make this such a classic. When they are all sitting around eating breakfast the conversation’s they have range from sex, music and tipping edict. They all get assigned nick names and when Bucemi receives his as Mr. Pink and he refuses the name saying it sounds too much like Mr. Pussy, hits the nail on the head of what all men were thinking.

3. Stand By Me: Based on the early work of Steven King called The Body. This is a quintisensal coming of age movie starring a young and fat Jerry O’Connell and Cory Feldman, River Phoenix Keifer Sutherland, narrated by Richard Dreyfuss. This movie follows the life of four young boys that has an authentic edge to it. Child abuse, bullying, suicide and insulting one’s mother are what give this movie its teeth.  Most of all it revolves around brotherhood and lifelong friendships that really set an example for transition from boyhood to being a man.

4. Field of dreams: The first time I saw this movie I was probably 6 or 7 but it had a truly profound effect on me.  Very few movies can have supernatural and imaginary themes through out and be called a man movie. Starring Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta and James Earl Jones, the movie revolves around baseball and the tie’s that a father and son bond around the sport. More importantly is the themes of Midlife crisis, financial woes and life lessons are the core of this movie. Hands down one of the best sport movies of all time that like most transcends the actual came its self.

5. Rocky: look I don’t think anyone hasn’t seen this movie but still strikes a chord in all who see it time after time. Carl Weathers and Sylvester Stallone star in the underdog story. The theme of coming from streets and dead end job to being great just once in your life due to the size of your heart knows no gender. This movie coins the phrase of it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of fight in the dog. Boxing is just the medium this movie uses to drive home the thought of a long shot making it big. Many many…….to many Rocky movies went on to be made. None are as good as this original. In the end his only victory was lasting, and persevering not winning.

There is a ton of other movies I could have included Braveheart, Rambo, Hamburger Hill………. These are just a few. Please comment on what you think should make the list.